Conversation Practice Apps – for iPad

This app is ideally suited to people travelling to the Middle-East and Arabic speaking countries.

The aim of the app is to help you practise and improve conversational skills in typical everyday situations which you would expect to encounter in the Arab world, such as ordering food, asking for the bill, shopping and inviting a guest to dinner, etc.

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The concept is simple but effective

Most language courses teach you how to ask a question or how to respond to a question. But very few help learners to go beyond a simple statement or question to a more meaningful interaction. With this app you work first with a model conversation, which contains key phrases in Modern Standard Arabic. You practise this through exercises and activities until you can master it.


You then learn some new, topic-related vocabulary which can be combined with the model dialogue to generate new mini dialogues. Then you take part in the role plays where you practise different combinations of the extra phrases in similar situations to the model dialogue. Each of the role plays presents you with a new question or a new prompt – so you’ll need to think! But, don’t worry, after practising the phrases and vocabulary, you should be able respond correctly each time!

This app treats Arabic as a dynamic living language and helps you to react and respond correctly in many different but related situations.

You can learn with Arabic script and/or with transliteration (Romanized Arabic).

The app contains clear audio with native speakers, engaging exercises, key words and phrases for each module. There are seventeen full modules, each with over sixteen steps of content. A very comprehensive app to „get your teeth into Arabic“.

Additionally after each module, you will find useful information and handy cultural tips related to the topic.

From the developers of LearnOasis Arabic – winner of the 2013 European Language Label Award.