Before you start the Arabic lessons, download and read the Learning Guide. The Learning Guide will help you to organise your learning experience and plan the necessary time. Before you start each unit, download the Study Plan for that unit. The Study Plan gives a detailed breakdown how much time to spend in each learning session, which tasks to do in which order. The Study Plans and the tasks in the interface guide you through a well-organised and completely integrated learning experience. We recommend that you study unit 1 exactly as described. You can then follow the same process for each of the following units.

The Learning Diary allows you to keep track of your progress.

This handy and comprehensive workbook is the perfect partner to the ArabicOnline course. It carefully guides you through each letter of the Arabic alphabet with plenty of opportunities for practice the letters – in isolation AND in words.

If you are learning Arabic writing for the first time, then this is for you! Ideal for beginners.

„A Guide to Writing Arabic“ is available as an eBook as part of the subscription for instant download and self-printing.

Download and listen to all the dialogues from the Arabic course as mp3 files with relaxing background music and spoken English translations. They are ideal for consolidating what you have learnt in the online course.

The relaxing background music has been especially composed by “Avicenna” with the aim of relaxing the brain whilst listening to the dialogues. Spoken English translations have been added after each Arabic sentence.

Download and print out a wide range of worksheets to practise writing key vocabulary from the ArabicOnline course.

The glossary of key words and phrases can be used to practise and consolidate your knowledge of Arabic vocabulary. The glossary is organised in such a way that key words and phrases from each unit of the Arabic course are collated with their English translations.