ArchwaysHere you can download all the dialogues from the Arabic course as extra mp3 files with relaxing background music and spoken English translations.

The audio files can be played on your mp3 player, so that you can listen to the Arabic dialogues whilst relaxing, cooking, walking or ‘on the go’. They are ideal for refreshing what you have learnt in the online course.

The dialogues are accompanied by relaxing background music, especially composed for this Arabic course by „Avicenna“, with the aim of relaxing the brain whilst listening to the dialogues. After each Arabic phrase, we have added the spoken English translation.


Right-click on the files above to download and save them. Note: To download the mp3 files onto your iPad or iPhone, due to the way these devices save files, you must first download the tracks to you laptop or PC and then transfer them onto your device via iTunes.

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